Strut Channels at Best Price - Sunveer Solar

Strut Channels at Best Price - Sunveer Solar

What is a steel strut?

Strut channel is a very versatile component of a support system designed for application in construction, electrical, HVAC industries and many more. Strut channel is frequently used to support, suspend and mount metal structures, it’s a crucial part of metal framing system that doesn’t need welding, drilling or specialised tools. The support channel system known as mounting rails, strut channels and slotted steel channels name.



What is strut channel used for?

Easy, quick and precise installation even in hard to reach places is the main advantage of the
STRUT support system. Channel systems are used for light and medium-duty application, generally for support of pipework, ventilation systems, air-condition systems, wiring, plumbing, electrical conduits, cable trays, rooftop installations, etc.


Can you use Unistrut outside?


The steel strip is uncoiled, fed through a continuous molten zinc coater, and then recoiled, producing clean, fluxed, Zinc steel. This finish is a time tested, well-proven coating for outdoor and indoor applications.


why strut used as fasteners and hardware ?


It’s an incredibly versatile light construction support product that, thanks to the number of fittings, different types of channel bracketry and sizes, can be used in a variety of applications. that’s why we considered this product in hardware and fastener category.


How Do You Measure Strut?


Channel strut is measured in height by width by length and gauge(thickness).

So a piece of channel can be measured as follows: Height: 1-5/8″ Width: 1-5/8″ Length: 10 Ft. Gauge: 12 GA


Where Can I Buy Strut?

To our all customers, our expert team will guide you about strut channel completely. To order, simply call our offices at 988-711-1157 to place your custom order today!


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