Toledo Begins PV Panel Shipments to Viper for Commercial, Residential Installations

Viper Networks Inc. has started receiving solar panel shipments from Toledo Solar to commence deployment for commercial and residential customers throughout the U.S. market. The two companies

previously entered into a strategic U.S. manufacturing and partnership agreement to expand into the American-made solar energy market. Toledo Solar is a manufacturer of CdTe thin film photovoltaic (PV) for both residential and commercial rooftop markets with frameless, all-glass, hermetically sealed, solar panels.

The CdTe solar panels require significantly less energy to manufacture. Thin-film CdTe panels are 100% recycled with over 90% of all materials reused. Toledo Solar’s panels qualify for the 40% ITC credit (available through 2032) that applies to solar panels that are fully made in America.

“The world is changing and Viper Networks is gearing up for the rapidly increasing demand for renewable energy,” says Farid Shouekani, CEO and president of Viper Networks. “Our manufacturing partnership with industry leader Toledo Solar is quickly evolving as we are now in the process of staging a major proof-of-concept project with them for our EcoTech Solutions operations in Illinois, which we acquired last February.”

“We are proud to help lead America’s rebirth in solar manufacturing by building utility-grade, CdTe PV solar technology panels for the residential and commercial markets,” states Aaron Bates, CEO at Toledo Solar. “From day one, we have pledged to deliver the highest quality solar solutions while also maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our impressive team of skilled workers is entirely based at our rapidly growing factory in Ohio, where we have always sourced our components from suppliers with strict ESG controls.”

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Author: Ariana Fine

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