Renu Energy Brings Tesla Solar Roof Installations to the Carolinas

Renu Energy Solutions, a locally owned and operated solar installer based in North Carolina and South Carolina, has partnered with Tesla to bring Tesla Solar Roof tiles to the Carolinas.

As the first certified Tesla Solar Roof installer in North Carolina, the Renu Energy Solutions team is now offering residential customers its innovative tiles made with tempered glass three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability.

Renu is also among only a handful of certified Tesla Solar Roof installers in South Carolina.

Tesla Solar Roof allows for maximum solar production while maintaining a seamless and integrated roof design to match architectural style. Following this certification and the completion of initial local home installations, the Renu team is actively marketing the Solar Roof to new residential customers as well as ones who may be pursuing a roof replacement.

Featuring a 25-year tile and power warranty, Tesla Solar Roof incorporates both passive and active tiles to optimize the absorption of the sun’s rays. In order to provide a uniform roof design, there are various components in the solar roof system to accommodate different roof styles.

“For over a decade, Renu has been bringing clean energy to the Carolinas. As a proud partner of Tesla’s for the past five years, this next step of becoming one of the first Tesla Roof Certified Installers in the Carolinas is a natural progression,” says John Sheldon, director of new business capabilities at Renu Energy Solutions. “We are honored that our body of work and quality customer care have earned this vote of confidence from Tesla. This will enable us to continue being industry educators, as well as trusted service providers, with each new solar installation.”

“We’re excited about a new install partner offering Tesla Solar Roof to customers in the Carolinas,” comments Braden Ankeney, account manager at Tesla.

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Author: Ariana Fine

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