LONGi Manufactures 54-Cell Solar Module for U.S. Markets

Solar technology company LONGi has launched a new solar module specifically designed for residential and commercial applications in the U.S. market. The new Hi-MO 5 54-cell module, based on the new market-standard M10 182 mm monocrystaline wafer, will be available in early 2023, first as a monofacial module, and a bifacial module to follow later in the year.

Based on the same technology used in the company’s large-format utility-scale 72-cell modules, the Hi-MO 5 54-cell module delivers superior power generation, reliable performance, high module efficiency and reduced system costs with an aesthetic appearance for rooftop distributed generation projects.

The Hi-MO 5 54-cell module features power outputs up to 420 W and maximum efficiencies of 21.5%. The monofacial module comes in an all-black design and has a 12-year warranty for materials and processing and a 25-year warranty for linear power output. The bifacial module will be a dual-glass design and carries a 12-year warranty for materials and processing and a 30-year warranty for linear power output.

Weighing less than 50 lbs., the Hi-MO 5 54-cell can be handled and installed easily on rooftops and is compatible with standard module racking and mounting systems. With its optimized electrical parameters, the Hi-MO 5 54-cell is compatible with smart module-level power electronics (MLPE) devices such as Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimizers as well as mainstream string inverters.

“We have strong customer interest in the new Hi-MO 5 54-cell module. Since its older sibling the Hi-MO 5 72-cell module has been our best-selling product for the utility sector in the U.S., we expect very high demand for the new format,” says Aaron Thurlow, head of distributed generation for LONGi Solar North America. “The full weight of LONGi’s advanced M10 technology, vertically integrated manufacturing, and financial strength stands behind the Hi-MO 5 54-cell product, making it one of the most promising distributed generation solar products LONGi has brought to the U.S. market to date. It’s yet another example of how LONGi is helping to propel the clean energy transformation into the terawatt era.”

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Author: Ariana Fine

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