Fractal Integrates Ampt Solar Products into Energy Storage Modeling Software

Ampt, a DC optimizer company for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, has integrated its products into the energy storage modeling software solution from Fractal Energy Storage Consultants, an energy storage and renewable energy consulting and engineering firm.

Users of the Fractal Model software can now model their PV solar-plus-storage projects including Ampt string optimizers to design lower-cost and higher-performing systems.

The Fractal Model is used globally by electric utilities, IPPs, developers, EPCs and integrators to perform battery storage sizing, dispatch and financial analysis. The software consists of a technoeconomic modeling platform used during project design and development, due diligence and RFP evaluation to provide investment-grade performance and cost analysis and simulations.

Ampt string optimizers are DC/DC converters that improve system performance and lower the cost of PV power plants and DC-coupled energy storage systems. Ampt’s technology is used in a variety of PV solar applications with products ranging in power up to 70 kW that are used in system voltages up to 1,500 VDC.

“Fractal is committed to providing its customers with access to the most comprehensive modeling capabilities,” says Judy McElroy, CEO of Fractal, “We are pleased to include Ampt products in our software to expand the options available to our users when optimizing their PV and energy storage systems.”

Fractal provides technical design, financial analysis, procurement, buy and sell side due diligence, technoeconomic models, controls integration, and owner’s engineer services for energy storage and hybrid projects. Fractal has provided consulting services including technical design and financial analysis to over 600 utility-scale projects and more than 6 GW of battery storage.

“Fractal’s software provides investment-grade modeling capabilities to optimize the design and improve the economics of PV+storage power plants,” states Levent Gun, Ampt’s CEO. “Now developers can also use Fractal’s software to quantify the benefits of Ampt’s fixed-voltage DC architecture.”

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Author: Michael Bates

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