Panasonic releases new PERC modules for residential solar market

Panasonic Eco Systems North America released two new lines of its EverVolt solar modules for the residential solar market. 

The 430W/420W HK Black Series panels offer half-cut cells and heterojunction technology with gapless connections and are made with Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) technology. 

Panasonic made the announcement at RE+ 2022.

The modules have efficiency ratings of 22.2 and 21.7%, respectively, allowing homeowners to use less roof space. The modules also offer a temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C and are expected to provide power output of at least 92% in the 25th year after installation.

Both models are covered under Panasonic’s EverVolt AllGuard All System Warranty when purchased with EverVolt ESS 2.0, which covers solar panels and battery storage when bundled together. The warranty covers product performance and labor across major system components, including 25 years of coverage for Panasonic solar panels; 25 years for the racking system; 10 years for the inverter and 10 years for Panasonic EverVolt 2.0 ESS.

Both module series will be available Spring 2023. EverVolt ESS 2.0 will begin shipping in January.

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Author: Renewable Energy World

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