Lower-carbon solar module frame startup wins DOE prize

Oregon-based Origami Solar, a startup that aims to produce lower-carbon solar PV module frames using domestic steel, received a $500,000 cash prize through a Department of Energy innovation competition.

In addition to the cash prize, the American-Made Solar Prize competition awarded Origami Solar with a $75,000 support voucher to help bring its roll-formed steel frames to market.

Steel solar module frames offer lower carbon emissions and costs compared to current frames made from imported aluminum, the company said. Producing frames in the U.S. can also ease global supply chain disruptions.

“We believe that making solar energy greener is our moral obligation, and re-shoring the supply chain from China at lower costs is the culmination of that journey,” Origami Solar CEO Gregg Patterson said.

Origami Solar said its steel solar module frame is patent-pending.

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Author: John Engel

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