Sunnova Incorporates SolarEdge Home Battery into EaaS Portfolio

SolarEdge Technologies Inc. and Sunnova Energy International Inc. have expanded their long-standing partnership with the addition of the SolarEdge Home Battery to the Sunnova EaaS portfolio. The expansion of the partnership will enable Sunnova’s network of dealers to offer the SolarEdge Home Battery.

The SolarEdge Home Battery’s highly efficient DC-coupled design requires just one power conversion when consuming PV stored energy, compared to three with AC-coupled batteries. This can add up to 10 days of saved energy for every year of use when compared to a typical 10 kW PV system in self consumption mode. In addition, the SolarEdge Home Battery provides continuous power, enabling consumers to power more and larger devices, such as washing machines and HVACs, for longer periods of time.

“Homeowners’ energy demands are increasing at a time when utility bills are skyrocketing and grid instability is becoming more frequent,” says William J. (John) Berger, founder and CEO of Sunnova. “The addition of the SolarEdge Home Battery to our Energy as a Service offering marks an important next step forward in our mission to deliver highly robust, industry-leading solutions that meet homeowner demand to live in a more energy-efficient and energy-independent way.”

“Sunnova’s extensive network of dealers now have access to our highly efficient, high-power DC battery that will enable homeowners to take even greater control of their energy usage and power more of their lives with clean, renewable solar energy,” comments Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge Technologies. “We look forward to building on our successful relationship with Sunnova to help unlock the full potential of solar power for additional homeowners across the U.S.”

Each SolarEdge Home Battery provides 9.7 kWh of backup capacity and up to nine batteries (three per inverter) can be stacked on a single backup system, for up to 87.3 kWh of backup capacity and 30 kW of continuous power. The battery is compliant with the UL9540A advanced safety standard. It is also designed to meet installer demand for a residential solution that is fast and cost effective to install. Accessible cable management and wireless communication speed up installation and decrease commissioning times.

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Author: Ariana Fine