DCE Offers Latest Solar Tracker with Valmont Solar Partnership

DCE Solar says its Convert Solar Tracker will be available through a strategic partnership with Valmont Solar, a subsidiary of Valmont Utility that has been providing utility-grade infrastructure products worldwide for over 40 years.

The modular design and superior engineering of the utility-grade single-axis tracker make it simple to install, easy to maintain and built for long-term performance, the company says.

Short, single-string rows provide terrain-following and layout density while enabling a stiff structure that minimizes failures and decreases long-term costs. In addition, the wireless controller utilizes existing DC infrastructure to enable backup capabilities without failure-prone batteries or auxiliary modules. There are GS and DB foundation options.

Customers can purchase a tracker as if they were purchasing a DCE rooftop or fixed-tilt ground-mounted solution, the company says. DCE Services also provides full turnkey civil, electrical and mechanical installations in most regions.

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Author: Ariana Fine

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