Canadian Solar EP Cube Earns LUMA Certification in Puerto Rico

The EP Cube, a vertically developed residential storage system from Canadian Solar, has attained LUMA certification in Puerto Rico. LUMA is the private operator managing transmission and distribution requirements of the electric grid on the island. This recognition solidifies EP Cube’s role as a reliable contributor to the region’s energy sector.

EP Cube, recently introduced in Puerto Rico, brings homeowners a consistent power supply. It alleviates concerns about grid instability, including outages due to bad weather or utility blackouts.

EP Cube is available to homeowners and installers in Puerto Rico who want to take advantage of the recently announced solar incentive program from the Puerto Rico Department of Housing. The program offers grants to eligible homeowners and installers to support their installation of renewable energy.

Says Andy Yin, the general manager of Eternalplanet, an independent brand under Canadian Solar that designed and developed EP Cube: “We are thrilled to contribute to the region’s renewable energy transition and collaborate with partners like LUMA Energy to make a positive impact on the local energy landscape. This certification reaffirms our dedication to Puerto Rico’s energy goals and sustainability.”

The attainment of LUMA certification highlights Canadian Solar and Eternalplant’s resolute commitment to Puerto Rico’s energy landscape.

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Author: Nina Korman

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