5N Plus, First Solar Renew, Expand Semiconductor Supply Agreement

5N+ has renewed its supply agreement with First Solar, under which 5N+ is slated to increase its supply of cadmium telluride semiconductor materials to First Solar for the manufacturing of thin-film PV modules. 

“We are pleased to have once again successfully extended our longstanding partnership under favorable terms, and proud to support First Solar as they deliver responsibly produced PV modules for the global transition to a sustainable energy future,” says Gervais Jacques, 5N+ president and CEO.

“We are committed to partnering with strategic customers operating in critical industries as a strong, reliable and trusted provider of advanced specialty semiconductors.”

5N+’s semiconductor materials are currently embedded in First Solar’s Series 6 and 7 PV modules. As part of the agreement, the companies plan to collaborate on the development and supply of other renewable energy products to support the growth and improvement of cadmium telluride thin-film technology.

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Author: Kimberly Warner-Cohen

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