FTC Solar launches a module-in-portrait tracker

Solar tracker system provider FTC Solar said it is launching a module in portrait (1P) product known as Pioneer.

The Austin, Texas-based company said its new tracker can provide anywhere from an 18%-36% pile count reduction per megawatt when compared with other products. It said its design can enable up to 5% greater energy output for the same site compared to other products.

FTC Solar also said it had been selected by Primoris Renewable Energy in a multi-year agreement to supply at least 500 MW of its solar tracker technology for multiple project sites in the U.S. Primoris is expected to use the Pioneer 1P tracker in at least some of its projects.

The new tracker design accommodates 550w and 600w wide format modules, including those greater than 2.4 meters in length. Pioneer is intended to operate independently from the grid during outages and has a battery that offers up to three days of backup.

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FTC Solar said that no torque tube (TT) dimpling or through-bolts are required to index the module to the TT, allowing for module changes and retrofits. Pioneer’s design also is intended to allow for the use of ground screw mounting systems to accommodate sub-surface conditions.

The company said its design has undergone wind tunnel testing by engineering firm RWDI to demonstrate structural and torsional stability in winds up to 120 mph. A torque tube shape is intended to allow for longer spans, greater torsional rigidity, and positive alignment of components without the need for torque tube penetrations. 

More information is available here.

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Author: Renewable Energy World

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