Bloom expands electrolyzer production capacity to 2 GW

Bloom Energy inaugurated a new high-volume commercial electrolyzer line at the company’s facility in New Jersey, increasing their overall production capacity to 2 GW.

Bloom’s Newark facility has produced over 1 GW of fuel cell-based Energy Servers over the last decade. The Bloom Electrolyzer relies on the same solid oxide technology platform used to produce electricity.

Bloom said incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act for domestic manufacturing of electrolyzers is “growing momentum” for the industry.

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In July, Bloom opened a new factory in Fremont, California, giving the fuel cell manufacturer a multi-gigawatt production boost along with expanded research and development capabilities.

The 164,000-square-foot Silicon Valley facility represents an investment of $200 million. Bloom’s growth is expected to create 400 jobs and bring the company’s California headcount to nearly 2,000.

bloom fremont
California Gov. Gavin Newsom tours the new Bloom Energy factory in Fremont, California. (Courtesy: Bloom Energy)

The technology’s capabilities for hydrogen production are being demonstrated in partnerships with Xcel Energy and Idaho National Labs to harness nuclear and steam power, and will be demonstrated with LSB Industries, Inc. to decarbonize industrial and agricultural sectors.

Bloom claims to be able to produce hydrogen up to 45% more efficiently than polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and alkaline electrolyzers when combined with external heat.

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Author: John Engel