CESL Invites Bids to Deploy 2,000 Electric Cars Across India

Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), has invited bids to appoint a service provider to deploy 2,000 electric cars on a PAN-India basis.

The last date for the submission of bids is October 13, 2023. Bids will be opened on the same day.

The electric vehicles are to be deployed in two zones, Zone 1 and Zone 2. Bidders should submit a bid security of ₹41.38 million (~$497,849) for each zone.

Bidders can quote for one zone or both zones.

There is a possibility of the quantity being split or parallel orders up to a maximum of two bidders for each zone, subject to price matching.

The successful bidder has to complete delivery within one year from the issuance of the Letter of Award.

CESL reserves its right to approve or decline any or all bids, discontinue the tendering process, and initiate a new tender for identical or similar goods before the contract is awarded.

Bidders should quote the prices of spares and their quantities estimated to be required for equipment maintenance two years beyond the warranty period. The total cost of such spares should be added to the cost of equipment and incidental works/services to evaluate financial bids. These spares should be supplied along with the main equipment.

They must also quote a post-warranty annual maintenance contract for five years after the expiry of the warranty period.

Only Class-I and Class-II local suppliers are eligible (domestic tenders), and non-local suppliers are not eligible. The minimum local content for participation eligibility should be 50%, and the margin of purchase preference shall be 20%.

Bidders should have at least one office in each zone for which bids are submitted.

They must have a track record of providing similar services for at least three financial years.

This involves deploying four-wheeler cars, either 100% owned or hypothecated in the bidder’s name. In the case of a consortium, the lead bidder must meet this criterion.

Bidders should demonstrate experience deploying four-wheeler cars (either 100% owned or hypothecated in the bidder’s name) in government and/or private companies and/or as a fleet operator anywhere in India.

The minimum number of such cars deployed should be 280 for Zone 1 and Zone 2 each.

The average annual financial turnover of the bidders for each zone for which bids are submitted should be at least ₹490 million (~$5.8 million) during the last three financial years.

Bidders applying for both zones must meet each zone’s cumulative average annual financial turnover requirement.

In January, CESL invited price bids to lease 3,500 electric cars to various departments and autonomous bodies across 18 states for 3-5 years.

A bidding process conducted by CESL showed that electric buses as a service are now the most cost-effective approach to urban public transport with or without subsidy.

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